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Maryland Governor Visits the E3i Booth at the Maryland Association of Counties Conference in Ocean City, Maryland.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan visited the E3i booth at the Maryland Association of Counties Conference in Ocean City, MD this year.  E3i was represented by Patrick Saty (l), E3i's Chief Marketing Officer and Nelson Widell (r), a Senior Project Officer for E3i.


During his visit, Governor Hogan received a briefing on various E3i sustainability projects currently in development in the State of Maryland, and around the world.

Savings Leads County to Drop Consumer Trash Rates


Key West Citizen


Monroe County residents will see a reduction in their trash bills starting in October partially because of the county government’s recent partnership with the waste-to-energy company Energy3. More savings for residents could be on the way.  A year ago, the county entered

into an agreement with Energy3 to haul out yard waste, which is now being taken to a mulching facility on the mainland and will eventually

be taken to a waste-to-energy plant the company plans to build in South Florida.


So far, the county has saved more than $100,000 since it dropped Waste Management hauling out yard waste and entered into an agreement with Energy3, according to the waste-to-energy company.  Energy3 has been charging the county about $10 less a ton to haul yard waste than Waste Management and the rate will drop by another $10 a ton when the waste-to-energy plant is completed.  As a result, county government

representatives announced Tuesday that it plans to reduce the residential rate from $404 a year to $386. The announcement came at the Monroe County Commission’s budget hearing, which was held to provide information on the 2016-17 fiscal year that starts Oct. 1.


Commissioner George Neugent asked staff to continue to look at savings for the residents and proposed increasing the commercial rate as a way to offset the residential costs. He said the city of Key West has been able to keep residential rates low by partially subsidizing them with commercial rates.



Energy3, LLC Proves Their Partnership with Monroe County Provides 100% Florida State Recycling Credit with a Cost Savings to the County Citizens


Innovation, efficiency and rationalization deliver savings, environmental and service improvements to Monroe County

Key West, FL and Annapolis, MD, 28 December 2015Fred Deluca, Chief Executive Officer of Energy3, LLC announced today that Energy3, LLC has, in the course of the past 6 months, provided Monroe County with over $100,000 in savings to the County in the disposal of all yard waste produced in the un-incorporated areas of Monroe County.


Additionally, it was announced since the yard waste hauling contract begun on May 18th, 2015, Energy3 has provided Monroe County over 16,000 tons of Florida State Recycling Credits, a 100% rate, for processing the yard waste produced in the non-incorporated areas of the County into mulch.


The program highly successful operations and savings have been a direct result of Energy3’s ability to plan, execute and operate a fully sustainable environmental solution which meets the County’s exacting requirements of providing a cost effective and environmentally superior solution for the disposing of their Yard Waste.


Energy3, LLC was selected in September 2014, via an open bid, Request for Proposal (RFP) process, to provide an environmentally sustainable solution for the processing of the county’s yard waste material.  E3 proposed to finance, build and operate a state of the art Chinook RODECS® gasification facility to process all of the County’s yard waste in an environmentally sustainably way.


During the extensive due diligence process being performed by the County Staff, the Board of County Commissioners voted on a interim waste hauling and disposal contract with Energy3 to take the County’s yard waste to Moore Haven, FL to be processed into mulch at the Oldcastle Lawn and Garden mulch processing facility.  The Monroe County mulch is currently being produced at the Oldcastle facility is sold in home and garden stores throughout Southern Florida.


This direct action taken by the BOCC has resulted in the savings to the County’s citizens and a substantial reduction in landfilling or incineration of the waste.  This contract reduced the price of processing the County’s waste from $87.15/ton to $79.50/ton.  Upon the proposed gasification facility coming on line, an additional reduction of cost to Monroe County, who will pay $67.20/ton, will be realized (the competitor’s bid for this project was $93.29/ton, resulting in the potential savings of over $700,000  to the County annually (once the gasification facility is on line)).  The gasification facility is scheduled to start operations 30 months after the Board of County Commissioners approve a Waste Supply and Processing (Feedstock) Agreement with Energy3, a very low risk agreement with the County for Energy3 to provide hauling and processing for all the County yard waste at an E3 gasification processing facility which would be built north of Monroe County.


Fred Deluca, Energy3’s CEO stated; “Currently, the County is providing all of its yard waste to Energy3 for 100% recycling, at the reduced price stipulated in our proposal and we are doing it in a very safe, cost effective and environmentally superior manner.  This is due in large part to the County Commissioners and their staff’s dedication to the environment and ability to identify the best solution for the lowest cost to their citizens.  E3 and the County are now completing our negotiations on a long term agreement which will utilize the RODECS® gasification solution, replacing the current mulching of the County’s yard waste.  This is a very low risk proposition to the County with Energy3 financing the project 100% and utilizing the Chinook RODECS® technology which has been successfully operating in 16 plants around the world (four in the United States) since 2000, with zero environmental citations issued against these RODECS® facilities.  It’s a proven technology with over 15 years of operating history.  We processed tons of Monroe County yard waste in our Hollidaysburg plant with exceptional results, verified by “Hazen Research”, a leading independent lab who specializes in these types of technologies.  Monroe County Staff have interviewed our E3 lending team who will provide the project funding.  Energy3 will assume the financial, performance and operational risk for this project as well as ownership of the plant.  Monroe County’s only obligation is to just provide its yard waste, at a lower cost to the taxpayers than the current waste hauling agreement, something they are already doing. Of course, like any other Municipal contract, the Waste Supply and Processing (feedstock) Agreement will have an “out clause” for the County, if the plant doesn’t perform as promised.  E3 believes that this arrangement mitigates risk to the County, provides a 100% Yard Waste recycling solution which will bring green jobs to Florida, and allows for Monroe County to become a national leader in the protection of the environment.  My staff and I want the citizens of Monroe County to know, we stand by you, now and in the future, in the fight to preserve your sensitive ecosystem in the Florida Keys.”


Additionally, Mike Lent, Energy3’s Chief Technology Officer stated; “The gasification process is not a new science; it has been around since the late 1800’s when syngas was produced to fuel stoves and heat homes.  In 1945 alone, over 9 million automobiles were powered by syngas.  With the cost of electricity rising and the increased environmental risks of utilizing landfills and incineration facilities, plus the concerns over Green House Gas emissions from energy production from fossil fuels like coal and oil, gasification is becoming more viable solution to municipalities around the world.  The main issue is there are various types of technologies, most of which are not financially feasible or are someone’s back yard science project.  This is why we extensively researched various technologies, and in performing that research, Energy3 has found the RODECS® process is the most extraordinary gasification processes in the world.  A fact that their current track record and list of international awards prove.  And it’s not just Energy3 who has this opinion; this technology has been investigated by engineering firms representing the finance and insurance companies we work with. If it didn’t pass muster with them, they would not commit the financing or technology rider guarantees on the plant.”


Those International awards Chinook Science has received include:

  • 2012-2013 Rushlight Waste to Energy Award – most significant technological development or innovation that advances waste to energy as an environmentally effective way of managing waste and generating energy.
  • 2014 Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation- 14 year track record of industrial operation, and an unblemished environmental record.
  • 2014 Materials Recycling World National Recycling Award for the Waste Initiative Category.
  • 2015 Institution of Engineering and Technology Innovation Award - most outstanding innovation in Power and Energy.

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