Tire Pyrolysis

A Mono-fill Solution

The tire gasification system revolutionizes the disposal of mixed plastic and tires.  This an exceptional solution for tire mono-fills and used tire recycling operations which incorporates a combination of separate operations that have been placed in line to present an  integrated process stream.  In the process, non-condensible syngases are collected and continuously passed through a combination of proprietary processes to produce a co-gen ready fuel.  The entire process is nearly a closed loop operation, even the co-gen emissions meet  all Federal and State emissions standards.  Significant by-products produced from the tire pyrolysis process include carbon black in the form of char, oil (Brent Crude), and steel resulting in a 100% recycling rate for plastics and tires, all without environmentally damaging emissions.



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Is Tire Pyrolysis In Operation?  Click here to watch the video!

Quick Case Study

Energy3 International is currently in the process of providing a major tire recycling operation in the United States the ability to turn their tires into carbon black, Brent Crude Oil and and steel, eliminating the requirement to "mono-fill" tires, which may cause serious environmental issues, including  the potential for uncontrollable class B fires.  This project allows us to be install the system in increments as the system is modular, placing the correct solution for the tire volume present.  In this project, E3i is providing financing, project development, equipment and operational support.

More Information

If you have any questions about the gasification process, how it can improve your local environment and recycling benefits, or how Energy3 International can provide you with a cost saving, waste disposal solution, please contact us at info@energy-three.com or call us at (410)972-4644.

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