Energy3 International, through our strategic partners, have significant experience in financing, planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining both modest and significant Green Energy Projects for a number of government and commercial clients.  E3i provides; technology independence, operations expertise and financing capabilities to the emerging sustainable energy services market.  The goal of Energy3 International is to provide our clients the best solution.  Our client's goals come first!  The "3" in Energy3 represents our business principals which states:


Energy3 International is "technology agnostic".  This means that E3i is free to identify and recommend any technology, manufacture, equipment and/or energy generating system that best meets clients' project objectives.


Energy3 International can build the project for the client to operate or operate the project in behalf of the client, at the client's option.  Energy3 International and our partners have the proven experience not only identifying, designing and building sustainable green energy projects, but we can serve as the project operators as well.  No one knows the quality of a solution like the company that has to operate and maintain it.



Energy3 International clients can take full advantage of the benefits of their green energy projects now, including substantial operating income, without negatively impacting capital budgets or obtaining municipal capital bonds.  E3i  understands that  an important obstacle for most organizations, who wish to implement an economically sustainable green energy generating facility is lack of capital financing. Energy3 International members have experience in financing waste to fuel, wind, solar, ethanol, bio-diesel, landfill gas, agricultural crush facilities, waste water treatment plants, gasification facilities and anaerobic digesters among other technologies.




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