noun | part·ner  |\ˈpärt-nər also ˈpärd-\

  1. one of two or more people, business, etc., that work together or do business together.
  2. one of the heavy timbers that strengthens a ship's deck to support a mast.

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.

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One of the most significant lessons in the sustainable energy world involves the interdependency that exists between all elements of project development. Because each entity is so closely related, we must partner with exceptional companies and trust them.  This is Energy3 International's  philosophy.  This is why E3i searches the world for partners who insist on the highest quality work, proven technology, best customer support and the enjoyment of working with their professional counterparts .  In order to provide the highest quality, lowest cost facility for our clients, worldwide,  Energy3 International insists on developing  partnerships with companies who also share in our philosophy.  These companies routinely provide their services around the world and are well known in the sustainable energy community as they have provided financial, construction, engineering, insurance and design services to governments and corporations, on numerous sustainable energy projects.

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